Conferences and certain meetings can be long and at times it’s difficult to stay focused. In-depth or strategy sessions require a delegates undivided attention or critical and at times creative thinking. In order to give them the mental boost they need, all you have to do it rethink your menu.

Executive Chef of the Sandton Convention Centre, James Khoza, who is also the current President of the SA Chefs Association identified the following superfoods that you should consider at your nexct conference;

Salmon (fatty fish) aids memory, mental performance and behaviour function
Dark Chocolate increases brain function
Beets increase blood flow to the brain
Celery works against memory loss
Bee Pollen increases brain stamina
Bone Broth improves memory function
Sunflower Seeds enhance your mood and promote a more positive mindset

“Other ‘brain foods’ which are easy to snack on include chai seeds, bananas, berries, and nuts. Adding avocado to salads or rye toast is also beneficial and obviously drink a lot of water to keep your brain hydrated” he said.

‘Super food’ menus are only requested on occasion except if there are health-conscious events taking place. ”The percentage of clients requesting this is increasing at a consistent rate over recent years as more and more people are getting exposed to the benefits of eating well and leading a health-conscious lifestyle. Food is medicine and this healthier approach to living challenges the Chefs to be current, relevant and more academic when devising menus.”

Because there are so many different ways of preparing, serving or offering these super foods to delegates, it makes it easy to add even just a few of them to the offering. “We do these mostly for coffee/tea breaks” Says chef James. “They are specially customised  for those who request them and are limited to special requests. We are currently putting together our new menu pack, and we will include a superfood-based menu and see how it performs.”

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