Luxury dining is a multisensory experience that takes one through a journey of enjoyment, from the harmonious surroundings and the exquisite tastes on one’s palate, to the satisfaction that lingers long after the meal.

Marika Nikolaidis, Restaurant and Bar Curator at Publico Ristorante, InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay says, “While they may appear insignificant, subtle nuances and seemingly small details like the texture of cut crystal glasses, the weight of fine silver cutlery or the sleek marble of a bar — once combined with extraordinary culinary creations — play a very important role in elevating luxury dining and creating a truly sophisticated experience for diners.”

Trending Textures

Executive Chef Eric Neo, who oversees all restaurants at InterContinental Singapore, including Ash & Elm and Man Fu Yuan, while holding role of Vice President of the Chef’s Association in Singapore, shared why texture is so important in any culinary journey: “Our mouth actually has the largest number of receptors in the whole body, picking up temperature, pain – such as the sharpness of horseradish – and even astringency, such as unripe fruit or a young wine.  Mouthfeel combines with a sensory impression of taste and smell to give us flavour, so you can see how it plays a key role in the dining experience.”

Harnessing the potential of texture in delivering an extraordinary gastronomic experience, Chef Eric presented an exquisite sample of grapes infused with champagne and nitrogen, giving the grapes an effervescent effect and creating a fizz on the tongue upon tasting.

“There are a multitude of ways to harness the power of texture and create a myriad of dimensions within a dish; this can include creations such as confit of salmon in curry oil, the surprising juxtaposition of crispy scallop mousse or simply pickled cucumber.