BEE Novation, one of South Africa`s leading transformation consultancies, will be hosting a series of national one day seminars dealing with the latest developments in transformative BEE and the benefits of implementation of the YES initiative. This is the only event that will feature YES and the DTI, supported by Izwilethu.

What is YES?
The Y.E.S initiative encourages corporates to create employment opportunities for unemployed black youth by incentivising the private sector to participate through rewarding companies with higher BBBEE scorecard levels if they meet the targets.

The benefits of Y.E.S

  • Increase your BEE scorecard by up to two levels by implementing YES.
  • Meet and listen to the opinion creators and decision makers in charge of YES, DTI and BEE to understand the best approaches to implementing BEE and transformation initiatives across the South African landscape, through the YES programme
  • Free labour in your business or NPO if you have Y.E.S beneficiaries placed with your company.
  • Meet and interact with key players and executives in BEE and transformation initiatives including verification agencies, consultants, BEE/transformation managers and engage the DTI with technical questions on implementation of Y.E.S.
  • Understand the link between Employment Equity, the BCE (Basic Conditions of Employment) Act and Y.E.S participants.
  • Learn how best to align and structure your Y.E.S beneficiary spend and at the same time improve your procurement points in the process.
  • Understand how Y.E.S implementation partners and enhances government and business collaboration.
  • Contribute to increased economic growth, investment, social and political stability and the reduction of our country`s unemployment rate.
  • Position your company ahead of the competition through the implementation of Y.E.S.
  • Have your questions on BEE answered by experts in the field of transformation.

The seminars will take place in and on the following cities and dates:
1pm – 4pm Monday 19thNovember 2018 -Houghton Golf Club.
9am-12pm Friday 23rdNovember 2018-Gold Business Club (next to the Presidential Suite), Moses Mabhida Stadium.
Cape Town
9am-12pm Wednesday 28thNovember 2018-Cape Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Speakers and Q&A sessions will include: