Unique Speaker Bureau is proud to announce Mummy Mthembu-Fawkesas the latest addition to its family. Soweto-born trailblazer Mummy Mthembu-Fawkes is a sought-after, young South African entrepreneur, industry pioneer, business speaker, highly regarded social media and brand strategist, accredited facilitator, and business coach.

Without any formal qualifications, an ambitious and determined Mummy had the power of choice; she decided to not let circumstances get in the way of her dreams. The astute visionary successfully climbed the corporate ladder, holding specialist, strategic and leadership roles within the ITC sector.

Known and respected in the sector, Mthembu-Fawkes thrived in male-dominated spaces, occupying roles such as head of business development for South Africa’s second largest internet service provider and senior sales accounts manager for the largest telecommunications company in Africa.

After a successful 14 years in the corporate world, she developed and founded her successful natural haircare range – Earthy_sa – in 2014, which currently has approximately 400 predominately female independent distributors.

Empowering women

While it’s no secret that women entrepreneurs tend to thrive and achieve better levels of entrepreneurial success, there’s still a gender gap between men and women when it comes to entrepreneurship – something Mummy wants to change.

Having had her fair share of challenges in life and the corporate world, she aims to empower and develop women, whether they’re aspiring entrepreneurs or seeking career advice. “I believe in the power of women; I believe that we’re capable of working together and achieving great things,” she says.

Asan underdog who rose to the top, Mummy’s skills, expertise and experience will inspire both men and women. With numerouspassions, Mummy’s corporate experience alongside her business acumen enables her to speak on a wide range of topics todevelop and grow work teams, leaders and businesses.

In her keynote entitled ‘The Woke Leader: Your Business in the Eye of the Millennial’, Mummy eloquently presents the following: “In today’s workplace, it’s common for different generations, often with very different approaches to business, life and even relationships to work side by side.”

With Millennials set to make up 75% of the global workforce by 2025, leaders need to ask themselves how they can adapt and what they can learn from the new working generation. Millennials can no longer be considered as entry-level talent only; the fact that they include a market in their 30s puts many of them at management level in many organisations.

The size of Millennials as a consumer base also makes them increasingly significant for the future survival of most organisations, as they make up the largest generation and are just entering their prime spending and working years.

Being a Millennial LeaderPreneur herself, Mummy is passionate about generational synergy in business. She connects with the audience through humour and storytelling and walks the talk with her personal experience of leading and coaching both Millennials and Baby Boomers in the corporate space and her current business.

Moreover, Mummy bridges the gap by assisting leaders and organisations to understand what they can learn from Generation Y, who view leadership, the workplace, communication and brand loyalty completely differently to their forebears. She also assists both management and organisations in getting the most out of Millennials and creating cognitively multigenerational workplaces.

Is your organisation catering only for the Baby Boomers? If you have not yet considered the Millennials of today, who will definitely be shaping the future of tomorrow, you need to have Mummy at your next conference!

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