Sometimes, we at Travelbags see ourselves as a mini events team. Any event, exhibition or meeting is only as successful as its organising team.

Exhibitions are one of the fastest growing industries in South Africa. Exhibitions are focused marketing tools; they offer industry-specific goods, products and services and tend to attract specific interested clientele. It’s up to three-times cheaper to close business at an exhibition or event than in everyday business. Many companies generate enough business during a four-day exhibition to last them an entire year, a fact I became privy to thanks to the knowledge shared by Gavin Sharples in a book well worth reading to ensure you make the best from your exhibition space – How to Make Money on Exhibitions.

Travelbags was present at WTM in 2017 and it opened the club up to a whole new target market. The exhibition proved the best and most cost-effective way to interact with clients and potential new clients in a short space of time. An exhibition is a live, moving, breathing A4 advertisement in full colour – it’s not just some space at a venue.

I personally feel that if the exhibition is specific to your industry and to your product offering or service, it is worth the investment. And remember, if you are not there, your competitor is. We like to think we offer a similar opportunity for networking and closing business deals at Travelbags lunches and events every month as we at Travelbags are big supporters of the exhibition industry and we will continue to support the various exhibitions.
By: Michelle Hinrichsen: Travelbags