2017 was an innovative year for digital signage and display, and 2018 promised to be even more monumental. Both organisations and the public have embraced the digitalisation of… well, everything, and it is safe to say they want more in 2019.

The nature of decision-making and the meeting rooms and conferences that support productivity are changing rapidly, driven by a general global push towards enhanced communications and more effective collaboration.

At the forefront of this evolution, new display technologies – including video walls, 4k displays, and interactive touch displays – are overtaking conventional presentation technology, offering tremendous opportunities for richer, deeper, more immersive communication in group settings.

In order to stay ahead of this curve, Parrot Products has developed Touch LED panels, which have been designed to enhance engagement, productivity and significantly improve any training, brainstorming and reviewing experience with a collaborative application. In developing these products, Parrot has made it easier than ever to navigate through documents, videos, presentations and websites at your next conference, as well as conveniently share your documents and notes from the screen as well as multimedia files.

This offering is not limited for use in just a conferencing environment, but also extends from the reception desk to hotel services and amenities, and even guest rooms. Hotel operators are increasingly using screens to convey all kinds of messages including announcements and promotions in room.

Parrot says the most impactful digital signage application is interactive information stations, more often referred to as the ‘digital concierge’.

“A touch screen display in a lobby can itemise local dining, entertainment and attractions options, and provide area maps, running routes, traffic conditions, and lists of area services like nearby pharmacies, salons and specialised services.

“This technology can provide 24-hour resources for hotel and conference guests during their stay, and even just one screen can relieve pressure from the busy reception staff to answer guest inquiries, notably at larger hotels and conference venues, “ says Juanita Wallace-Swart, marketing design manager at Parrot Products.

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