It’s not often that we are able to experience other people’s cultures or celebrate non-commercial holidays with them. Fortunately, Sun International takes the initiative to be more inclusive and their array of facilities make it possible. 

We have a huge asian community in South Africa and we’re fortunate to have huge numbers of Asian tourist visit our shores, and at Sun City it is no different. This Flagship property was the setting for the Chinese New year celebrations this past weekend. Happy Year of the Pig to everyone.

Typical to all Zodiac signs, the year of the pig carries a lot of detail to it, which one can read more about by clicking HERE. Did you know that the years also cycle through the five elements of nature? The Valley of the waves at Sun City, where earth, air and water are present, only needed the fire in the sky to bring it all together. The firework display was incredible, and captured the attention of all spectators watching from the Monkey Spring Plaza. 

Other festivities included Lion dancing, taking place all around the property, learning to play Baccarat, a popular game under the Chinese community and most restaurants on the property offered a Chinese item as part of their menu. 

Part of the property was adorned with Chinese lanterns, though each year carries its own stamp and offering, further celebrations are able to take place in the clubs, bars, conferencing venues and restaurants, should guests choose to do so . It was not a campaign but rather a value-add for guests who had checked in the the weekend. This sort of activity provides the opportunity to understand other cultures better and should be encouraged. 

Hosting more cultural activities like these is easy for a property of this size, offering more than 1290 hotel rooms as well as conferencing facilities that start from 8-12pax to the Sun Arena which seats about 6000 people. As a country we applaud diversity and inclusion, and this could only be the first step to more incredible experiences at Sun City.