It was announced last week that ONOMO Hotels has acquired a 60.1% controlling stake in BON Hotels.

The move will see ONOMO’s footprint grow to 15 countries with 4 300 rooms and a further 3 000 additional rooms in the pipeline, making it “the leading pan-African mid-scale hospitality group” according to ONOMO Chairman, Julien Ruggieri.

“We will benefit from BON Hotels’ extensive experience of offering its services as a hotel management company. A new chapter lies ahead in which ONOMO will expand through ownership, partnership and management services. With its unique local knowledge, investors across the continent can partner with the new hotel group in a range of African countries,” highlights ONOMO Hotels’ CEO, Cedric Guilleminot (pictured right).

BON Hotels’ CEO Guy Stehlik is upbeat about the acquisition, noting that it is good news for its existing and future partners, giving them access to a bigger client database, a stronger distribution platform, and increased purchasing power.

“Our clients will benefit from the unique presence of ONOMO and BON Hotels across Africa and a wider-reaching loyalty programme… Importantly, more than 3 000 new work opportunities are likely to be created, which is significant news for a continent with so much need for new jobs and skills development. The merger promises major growth opportunities for the company and for all stakeholders,” says Guy.

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