Fertility Show Africa (FSA) is the continent’s first show dedicated to fertility, and promises to be a place of support for this currently on their own fertility journey.

For example, the show will feature an IVF Babble Support Zone, where visitors can pose their questions to a range of fertility experts and specialists, including:

  • Adele van der Walt is an authority on the legal aspects of medical law in South Africa, including fertility law and surrogacy.
  • Alicia de Beer has a son, and had a daughter who she lost in 2017. She will share her story of loss and recovery.
  • Catherine Bagyenda, Denise Kekimuri and Jassy Ebwanyu are the women behind Vessel is Me, a Ugandan NGO that focuses on maternal mental health, and provides a platform for women and their families to share their challenges at monthly gatherings.
  • Dr. Kelly Owen is a clinical psychologist who, thanks to her own experience with fertility difficulties, started working in this field 15 years ago. She focuses on the impact that infertility has on the mental health of couples as well as on the individual – both women and men.
  • Dr Leanne Scott is a homeopath who co-developed, authored and lectured the first post-graduate course on The Complementary and Alternative Treatment of Infertility in South Africa through the University of Johannesburg. She advocates for a holistic approach to address infertility, incorporating homeopathic, epigenetic and functional medicine to develop individualistic treatment protocols.
  • After a diagnosis of early menopause and embarking on the fertility treatment process, Ilana du Toit realised that there was tremendous scope to streamline the fertility process through better use of health data. For example, if she knew at the age of 18 that her ovarian egg reserve was diminishing, she would have taken a more proactive approach to managing her reproductive health. The result was FertilyGo, a one stop app to help individuals track their fertility data and health.
  • After their struggles with infertility, which included depression, shame and loss, Pastor Jerry and his wife Karabo Zwane founded Hannah – You Are Not Alone . Hannah seeks to bring awareness about an issue that has left many destitute and stigmatised, while providing spiritual support and peace to those who are hurting.
  • In 2017, Lerandia Viljoen became involved with egg donation and surrogacy. She subsequently carried twins for a couple, and is in the process of doing a second surrogacy.
  • Lucia Oreb Cvjetovic will share her battle with infertility, which lasted for five years. Ultimately she was only able to conceive through a surrogate, and now has twin girls called Noa and Luna. Lucia is also a House of Fertility Director.
  • Renowned clinical psychologist Mandy Rodrigues has 24 years of experience working with individuals, couples and groups on their fertility journeys. Rodrigues has presented and published various books and articles on the subject. IVF Babble Support Zone will be supported by a professional counselling and support team headed up by clinical psychologist Mandy Rodrigues.
  • Michelle Groenewald had a successful first pregnancy, but struggled with secondary infertility for four years before falling pregnant naturally. She is a SA certified Perinatal Bereavement Worker and House of Fertility Director.
  • Multiple international award-winning filmmaker and entrepreneur, Molatelo Mainetje-Bossman shared her 10-year struggle with infertility in her film When Babies Don’t Come. Her film has inspired others to share their infertility experiences. Mainetje-Bossman was appointed one of the directors of Infertility Awareness Association of South Africa (IFAASA) in 2018.
  • Nanki Robbertse lost her son, Kaleb, to stillbirth at 39-weeks. As part of her grief journey she started the #hopeboxinitiative in memory of Kaleb and for parents who have suffered loss, to help them feel loved and less isolated – and most of all, to bring hope.
  • Naniki Sorensen struggled with infertility for eight years before she adopted a child. Post adoption, she delved into a spiritual self-examination that ultimately led her to conceiving naturally. She now practices as a holistic wellness counsellor.
  • Robynne Friedman is a mother through surrogacy, and runs a law firm specialising solely in surrogacy and fertility law matters.
  • Saskia Williams is a founder and CEO of Infertility Awareness Association of South Africa (IFAASA). She too grappled with infertility for many years, and ultimately realised her dream of becoming a mother via adoption.
  • Sue-Ann Bright is a registered counselling psychologist in private practice, and became a ‘Single Mother By Choice’ using donor sperm. After the birth of her daughter she found little ongoing support or resources available for donor conceived families, so created this within her private practice.
  • Tanya Rubin is a registered social worker, perinatal bereavement counsellor and logo therapist who has been working in the field of infertility for the past 15 years. She focuses on issues around egg and sperm donation, surrogacy and the emotional journey linked to fertility treatment and pregnancy loss.
  • Dr. Tony Rodrigues entered private practice specialising in assisted reproduction and minimally invasive surgery in 1990, and co-developed Medfem Clinic in 1991. He has a special interest in time-urgency perfectionism stress and its influence on fertility, and co-authored a book on it, as well as creating an online self-help interactive stress management programme,

The Fertility Show Africa takes place on Friday, March 6 and Saturday, March 7, 2020 at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand, Gauteng. Show times are Friday from 9am to 6pm and Saturday from 9am to 5pm.

Entry tickets are available at Webtickets for R195 a person or R350 for two people. A two-day entry pass is R315 per person or R565 per couple. The IFAASA Expert Talks and IVF Babble Support Zone cost R50.

FSA is proudly supported by IFAASA (Infertility Awareness Association of South Africa) and SASREG (South African Society for Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecological Endoscopy).

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