On Thursday 12 March 2020, Emperors Palace launched a new state-of-the-art 20-seater conferencing and meeting venue, the Theodora Boardroom in the Convention Centre. It offers the latest conferencing technology including: two 86-inch 4K interactive LCDs, two 65 inch 4K comfort monitors, high sensitivity microphones, full surround sound, wireless and Bluetooth charging and presentation capabilities, a native HD Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) camera, and Vivitek’s NovoConnect Solution, enabling group work in an all-in-one display.

The venue has been named Theodora after an influential and powerful Roman Empress, and is the result of a R2 million investment.

Some of the benefits of the Theodora conference facility include:

  • It is fully BYOD (bring your own device) compatible, to make it easy for all guests to benefit from the full range of its facilities;
  • It caters for both onsite and remote guests;
  • Participants are able to present wirelessly from any device, whether its run on an iOS or Android operating system;
  • It is compatible with a range of online video conferencing platforms, including Skype, WebX, Zoom, BlueJeans and HangOuts;
  • Participants can annotate on top of their content in real-time with the touch screen functionality, making all the content visible to participants; and
  • All meetings are securely recorded so participants can access the audio, visual and content recordings post-meeting via a USB port.

“This conference venue is regarded one of the most technologically advanced conference and meeting rooms in South Africa,” says Clive Tavener, General Manager at Emperors Palace. “It connects both small and large businesses to a world of opportunity through a centralised hub that arms clients with an innovative way of conducting business. The future of conferencing is exciting, and it’s right here at Emperors Palace.”

Emperors Palace is offering an opening special for the Theodora boardroom, or R690 per delegate, for a minimum 10 people. This offer includes three upmarket tea breaks, a buffet lunch, dedicated hostess, mineral waters, sweets, pens and notepads. It is valid for a limited time only.

To make a booking or for more information contact Peermont Group Sales +27 (0)11 928 1903 or email sales@peermont.com.

Photos supplied by Emperors Palace.