With the unfortunate ban on all events due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Event Synthesis has launched a new business venture as agents of Yanilia.

Angelique Smith explains, “Yanilia is a distributer of sanitation products, disinfectants and protective gear. Not only can we now provide these for businesses, but we can also facilitate site sanitation and disinfectant projects at all places of work (schools, office buildings, factories, warehouses, workshops, restaurants and business premises), and the training of company employees in the sanitation of the premises.”

Yanilia uses Agri Disinfect (ADI) solution to sanitize spaces. This is the same disinfectant that was used to disinfect the aircraft that transported South African students back from Wuhan, China. It was also used at The Ranch Hotel, the compound in Limpopo where these students were quarantined upon their arrival home. It is a cost-effective, top-of-the-range disinfectant that kills 99,999925% of all harmful pathogens (bacteria, viruses and fungi).

Smith adds that her team is made up of a professional health risk assessor who is registered with the government, a reputable certified pest control company with 21 years of experience (and which is SAPCA registered and has the necessary equipment), and a competent team that will assist with the provision of hand sanitizers, bottles, masks etc.

For more information, please contact Smith on + 27 60 970 7653 or angie@yanilia.com. You can also visit: www.yanilia.com

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