UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, has made a call for entries for two of its awards; the UFI Digital Innovation Award and the UFI Sustainable Development Award.

Both awards are open to all companies from the exhibition industry (organisers, venues, service providers, associations), whether they are UFI members or not. Collaborative entries, involving groups of organisations, including some from outside the exhibition industry are welcome and encouraged.

UFI Awards entries will gain global recognition from the industry, share best-practice, and present their winning formula at the annual UFI Global Congress which will help attracting new customers.

The deadline for entries is 16 March 2021.

To find out more about these and UFI’s other awards, visit: www.ufi.org/awards


UFI Digital Innovation Award

The UFI Digital Innovation Award will acknowledge those digital innovations that will help the exhibition industry to recover and thrive after the Covid-19 crisis. These can be new tools, platforms and technologies that will allow us to create the next generation of events for the post-Covid world.

How to apply:

Prepare your entry (3-5 pages) and include the following:

  • Company(ies) name and title (theme) of the entry, and contact person(s) details.
  • Quick background, nature and general objectives of the initiative.
  • Detailed description, including implementation plan and current or planned results.
  • Conclusion: lessons, next steps (if any).
E-mail your entry to award@ufi.org on or before 16 March 2021.


UFI Sustainable Development Award

The UFI Sustainable Development Award will recognise organisations that have implemented a successful partnership approach in the exhibitions industry that has created shared value amongst partners, communities, customers and/or the environment, or are developing a promising one.

How to apply:

Prepare your entry, a maximum of 6 A4 pages in English, covering the criteria below, more specifically the following questions must be addressed:

  • What drove you to develop a new programme/tool?
  • What were the main objectives?
  • Which value added services did you seek to provide?
  • What measures did you take to reach those objectives?
  • What were the specific challenges faced? How were these overcome?
  • Were your objectives reached?
  • What relevant results can you share?
E-mail your entry to sdaward@ufi.org on or before 16 March 2021.

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