Africa’s Travel and Tourism Summit is just around the corner and it promises to be the continent’s most exciting gathering of tourism stakeholders yet.

There is no better way to kick-start the event than by dedicating a day to empower Future Pioneers and Game Changers in the tourism sector. It aims to be a catalyst for engagement on the current state of tourism on the African continent. Taking into account challenges facing the global tourism industry, Africa’s Travel and Tourism Summit will, through various engagement sessions, gather the tourism sector to share insights and ideas and explore collaborative efforts that can lead to recovery.

The Summit is being hosted simultaneously in three major cities in Africa – Johannesburg, Durban and Lagos – between 19 and 21 September. The hybrid event gives delegates from around the world the option to attend either physically or virtually. It also gives those outside of Africa the opportunity to be a part of the Summit as they can schedule events according to their time zone.

Small and medium-sized businesses are considered crucial to the new tourism created by the onset of Covid-19. They bring fresh ideas and flexibility to adapt to a new tourism economy. SMME Day will focus on best practices in an ever-changing Brand Africa and provide these businesses opportunities to exchange leads and collaborate as drivers for transforming the sector.

Why are SMMEs crucial to our economy?
Small to medium tourism enterprises are acknowledged for their capability to create job opportunities and vibrant economies in both developed and developing destinations. SMMEs have the potential to benefit local communities through creating jobs, especially in small towns.

It is vital that these enterprises continue to flourish as the backbone of the greater Travel and Tourism industry. That is why Africa’s Travel and Tourism Summit has dedicated special time and attention to this sector – planning for a specific SMME day during the conference taking place on 19 September 2021.

The SMME Day is about gearing these businesses for the future of tourism by enabling these businesses to thrive as they are with new and future tourism markets in mind. It is important that the smaller parts of the sector receive the right aid and planning to ensure they continue to succeed.

The new post-Covid tourism sector will rely more on digital technology; stringent health and safety standards; and new ways to package travel particularly for the outdoors in order to provide peace of mind for future travelling

With the theme “Re-awakening Africa”, the Summit calls on all tourism stakeholders to reflect, reimagine and reignite a tourism sector ravaged by the Covid-19 pandemic.

If you want your business to be part of SMME Day, or would simply like to attend the Summit, visit our official website to register now. Physical attendance is not guaranteed due to a Covid-19 restriction on gatherings.

Let’s reawaken Africa one SMME at a time.

Don’t miss the opportunity. Register here for the SMME DAY on 19 September 2021 now!

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