In a bid to focus on its core strengths and competencies, Brandex is rebranding to BRX Group. Directors Jack Smit and Gabi Babinszky share what this means for the company in the long term.

Jack Smit and Gabi Babinszky are well-known faces within South Africa’s local exhibition circuit. The duo has earned a solid reputation as one of the country’s leading audio-visual suppliers, and certainly, the quality of their work and track-record speaks for itself with their services continuing to be in high demand.
Following an incredibly difficult period as they navigated the Covid-19 pandemic together with their staff, five years after launching their company, Brandex is now rebranding to BRX Group.
“Being an audio-visual supplier primarily servicing the events and exhibition industry, it was inevitable that our business took a knock during this time, with most of our projects being cancelled. However, we remained proactive and the changes and challenges that came with the pandemic, which were completely unprecedented for most, forced us to explore other avenues on how we could best utilise our existing resources, rather than cutting them completely,” comments Gabi, a director at BRX Group.
BRX Group considers themselves fortunate to have had an established network because they believe that this is what was able to see them through the past two years in lockdown.
“We were very lucky in that we were able to leverage our client relationships and retain our most valuable asset, which is, of course, our staff. While we did not deviate from what we do best, which is audio-visual, like many, we had no choice but to broaden the scope of our work and pivot to benefit from the opportunity presented by virtual and hybrid events, as well as permanent audio-visual installations,” notes Jack, also a director at BRX Group.

Jack Smit and Gabi Babinszky, directors at Brandex

What the future holds for BRX Group

So why has BRX Group chosen to relaunch during this time, and what can we expect here?
“We celebrate five years in business this year. To keep up with the rapidly changing industry needs over the past two years, as well as the evolution of our business model, which has transformed over the past years to focus purely on audio-visual services, we felt that a change was in order,” highlights Gabi.
It has been quite a journey to get the BRX Group to where it is today, adds Jack.
“Like so many of our industry colleagues, we weren’t sure if we would survive this period, but with a huge amount of passion, perseverance, and well-timed collaborations, we have been able to successfully weather the storm,” he says.
BRX Group may have rebranded to a different name, but its client promise of excellent service is unfaltering, and both Jack and Gabi maintain that it has been key in the BRX Group’s ability to forge ahead.
“We have consistently emphasised superior customer service as one of our unique selling points, and it is an aspect we could and would never compromise on,” Jack underscores.
BRX Group is currently headquartered in Midrand, Gauteng, but has assisted on projects across the country. With a prospective launch in Cape Town in the pipeline, they hope to grow their footprint and on-the-ground presence in the coming years and the directors are confident that their quality service offering will help them achieve this objective.
“It is only through careful planning and resource allocation that we have been able to, not just survive for this period of time, but also still refine our business model and be a first-choice supplier for the events and exhibition industry,” stresses Gabi.

About the BRX Group
Launched in 2017, BRX Group is one of South Africa’s leading suppliers of rigging, lighting, sound and visuals, providing complete audio-visual solutions suited to all eventing requirements and budgets.
No matter how big or small your event is, BRX Group has got you covered. With stock to meet every eventing and exhibition need and a courteous and experienced hands-on team, they will take care of every aspect of your project – both on- and off-site – from planning and design, to equipment supply and installation.
At BRX Group, it’s not just about providing you with an AV system, it’s about exceeding your expectations. BRX Group’s full range of in-house services means that when you go to them for your AV needs, you have a one-stop-shop solution, all under one roof.

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