A development in the West African nation of Nigeria could significantly boost tourism and become an asset to the country’s arts and cultural sectors.

In a groundbreaking ceremony that took place on 11 June 2022, the Lagos State Government officially kicked off the construction of a cultural village in Ijan, Alimosho.

“The idea of the cultural village is to replicate how the Yoruba people used to live in the past before the modern times and as a way of preserving our culture for the younger generation. It is designed to attract tourists from the diaspora; the project will include a traditional Oba’s palace with a complete Yoruba cultural setting,” Uzamat Akinbile-Yusuf, the commissioner for Tourism, Arts and Culture, was quoted as saying, noting that the development would be a key touchpoint for supporting and celebrating Alimosho’s rich cultural heritage.

Officials congregate for the cultural village groundbreaking ceremony on Saturday, 11 June 2022
Part of the construction will incorporate a research centre and a museum where visitors can view traditional cultural artefacts. And, according to the commissioner, the development will also include “shops for adire makers where visitors can also have their adire materials sown into a boubou while waiting”, in addition to salons and traditional style eateries that serve local cuisines.

Although construction has reportedly started on the cultural village development, it is unclear when the project will be complete.

Image via Premium Times Nigeria

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