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Monique Swart

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Struggling with stress

Don’t stress out

Having single-handedly organised up to 18 events across South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana and Angola in one year, Monique Swart knows first-hand about event stress and how to overcome it. Anyone who regularly runs events will tell you that the project takes on a life of its own, demanding your constant attention, with every ounce of your headspace...
looking to the past

Looking back to move forward

Reflecting on the past year, the interactions, relationships and the people, Monique Swart has a few wishes for 2014.  As a service-driven industry, I think that it’s often easy to lose sight of the basics and I hope that people start really thinking about what matters most when planning their strategies for this year.  Everywhere we go, it seems...

The high cost of too much choice

Monique Swart finds it interesting – and sometimes fairly alarming – that many companies do not see the importance of consolidating their travel and meetings spend. There seems to be a belief that consolidation limits choice. This can be true, but what is the cost implication of spreading your spend across a large variety of travel suppliers?...

Skills training in Africa

On recent trips to Angola and Ghana to host the African Business Travel Association (ABTA) forums for local travel industry professionals, the issue of basic skills training was identified by delegates as a key challenge in these regions. My question was: “Just how basic are we talking?” The responses to my question, though not particularly...