We have all become amateur epidemiologists in the past year, learning amazing facts about viruses, pandemics, and vaccines. And this is a good thing. Knowledge is power, and right now, understanding the Covid-19 disease and how to best respond to it will have a direct bearing on your life, your business and those around you.

To this end, we are excited to share this publication with you. The Business Guide to Quality Healthcare reveals the insights and knowledge of leading South African healthcare experts in a way that is intended to help business managers and leaders navigate their economic recovery as we move forward from the Covid-19 humanitarian crisis.

“South Africa faces a globally unparalleled quadruple burden of disease.”

Importantly, the publication doesn’t only address Covid-19 issues. Chris Bateman, in his forward as editor of this publication, says, “South Africa faces a globally unparalleled quadruple burden of disease; communicable ones such as HIV/AIDS and TB, (and now Covid-19); Non-communicable ones such as hypertension and cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, mental illness and chronic lung sicknesses like asthma; maternal and child mortality; as well as a near pandemic of injury and trauma.” We need to be aware of all of these issues, and how they interact, to be able to respond appropriately and effectively.

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