CEPA, the Council of Event Professionals Africa, has been reconstituted as a special interest group within SACIA, the Southern African Communications Industries Association, where it is in the process of developing three levels of professional designation for event organisers.

In a press release, Kevan Jones, the Executive Director of SACIA, says, “SACIA already award professional designations to theatre and event technicians with technical competence, and the new CEPA designations allow us to expand professional standards to event organisers.”

He adds, “CEPA’s new professional designations will be awarded to industry stakeholders based on an assessment of their education, work experience, work ethic and a portfolio of evidence that should support their claim of competence.”

The three levels of designation will signify the degree of an applicant’s knowledge and experience, and are currently under review by SAQA, the South African Qualifications Authority. They are expected to be announced in the Government Gazette during Q1-2020.

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