The global rollout of Covid-19 vaccinations has seen several unconventional locations take on the role of temporary vaccination centres around the world – including convention and exhibition sites. To help these venues navigate this new use, a good practice guide has been produced by AIPC (the International Association of Convention Centres), ICCA (the International Convention and Congress Association), and UFI (the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry), which includes insights and information collected by the associations’ joint Safety & Security Task Force.

The introduction of the guide notes: “The use of convention and exhibition facilities as vaccination sites is still evolving, and this document should therefore be viewed as a dynamic one, as new insights continue to emerge over time. Indeed, this dynamic nature is reflected in the diversity of names given to such sites serving as temporary vaccination centres by officials, the media and the public, from ‘community vaccination centres’ and ‘mass vaccination points’ to ‘large-scale emergency vaccination clinics’ and ‘mega vaccination sites’.”

Click here to access the guide: Good Practice Guide: Convention and Exhibition Centres as Temporary Vaccination Centres

The guide is part of a series of publications that have been released in response to the pandemic, which include:

All of these guides are a product of collaboration within the industry and draw on practical experiences and expertise of those who are dealing with these issues on a daily basis.

A dedicated UFI connects session to unpack the guide and assist members in interpreting its content into local actions has been scheduled for 31 March. Click here to register.


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