With technology becoming increasingly central to our lives and livelihoods, this is spotlighting the role this plays in both corporate and citizen safety. It also formed the basis of the discussions that took place during the Uber Tech for Safety Summit 2020, which aims to be a platform for conversation on the challenges around business, health, travel, and personal safety.

Run as a hybrid event, the summit was emceed by Redi Tlhabi and saw thousands of attendees participating in real-time and engaging with speakers during panels.

Frans Hiemstra, GM for Uber SSA and MOC Redi Tlhabi

The well-being of its users remains a priority for Uber and its app offers over 20 enhanced safety features. In addition to Uber having successfully completed over 100 million face mask verifications globally, other tweetable takeouts from the event included:

  • The University of Johannesburg spends more than R6 million per month on data to support e-learning for its students;
  • Phishing emails are one of the top causes of personal cyber-attacks in Africa;
  • The Africa Management Institute has provided assistance to more than 10 000 previously inaccessible start-ups by developing their online presence.

“We’ve set out to create a platform that encourages engagement and feedback, to expand on our conversation around how technology and infrastructure may collaborate to create safer communities across Africa,” noted Frans Hiemstra, GM of Uber Sub Saharan Africa.