20140304-bartender-christiansanders-primaryIf you are using a venue that allows you to stock and run your own bar, and to avoid wastage or over the top costs, clearly define a few things before heading off to purchase your stock:

Guest Type and Preferences:

What do your guests like to drink – you would then focus on more of these items and less of the others. For example are your mates Beer Boitjies, or are your mother and her friends Gin and IT girls?


Beer – 2 normal and 1 light option

Cider – 1 normal and 1 light option

Wine – White and Red (Sauvignon Blanc and a Merlot)

Soft Drinks/Mixers – Coke, Coke Light, Soda, Lemonade and Tonic should get you through most requirements

Cordials – Lime, Passionfruit and Kola Tonic

Spirits – Vodka, Gin, Cane, Rum and Brandy





Equipment & Other:

Ice buckets


Tot measures

Waiters friends


Cleaning cloths for wiping down the bar


1 Barman per every 20 guests should work quite adequately. Get students to help, if it’s not complicated they will be happy for the extra money. Just make sure they know how to make basic drinks, and not to fill the wine glasses to overflowing.

Remember to have a dedicated glass washer, and if the venue does not have a machine, make sure you pack your cleaning products, drying towels etc.