Technology has had a huge role in shaping the modern business event, from apps to facial recognition scanners, beacons, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and more… It’s probably fair to say that most event planners feel like they need a degree to stay on top of these developments and how to best use them.

Enter the event technologist.

A technologist is defined as a technology specialist, and the event part denotes their area of specialisation. It’s such a new role that the scope of exactly what it entails hasn’t quite solidified yet, but it generally includes the ability to effectively gather and use data from events.

Yes, data, that thing many of us are guilty of collecting without a clear strategy on how we can use it – and benefit from it.

‘The power of live data’ is a research report by Cvent, which reveals the following findings:

  • Event professionals feel they need to be more effective at collecting and using attendee data. Only 29% of event professionals say their organizations are extremely/very effective at collecting data compared to 23% that say they are extremely/very effective at using their event data.
  • Most events can do better at tracking and understanding what their attendees actually do while at their events. Only 38% of event professionals say they understand extremely or very well what their attendees do on-site.
  • Event Attendee Survey Insights: On-site technologies provide a better experience for attendees. Eighty-eight percent of attendees agree on-site technologies, such as self-service registration kiosks, improve their event experience.

There is a clear need for event technologists, to help the event industry leverage the tech tools we have at our disposal.

Would you consider hiring one – or have you already?