Light boardGetting your name or your event name “out there” in major publications can be very important, depending on the event that you are running and your budget.

Remember again that’s it’s a case of perceived perception – your brand alongside the brand of the magazine or publication. As with most things in life, it’s all about who you choose to associate with.

Also consider the magazine or newspaper’s circulation – this means, how many people do they reach each month? They should be able to supply you with these statistics to do your comparisons.

Magazines (and most print media) prepare their content about 8 – 10 weeks in advance for layout and design reasons. You would do well to book your advertising spot as soon as you have all your event information ready. At least get the slot booked – you can figure out the content later.

Newspapers can usually make a plan if they feel your content is worthy. I would work on 1 – 2 weeks lead time for most local newspapers’ timelines.

Between you and me, paid advertising can be a bit of a rush – especially if you are budget-conscious. Contact your preferred magazines and ask about an editorial slot, or, if they do one, ask about the “Editor’s Picks” or News Spots – which are a short few lines about what’s hot and happening that month – and see if you can get featured there, at no cost to you.

Research your desired advertising mediums well, ask them for their publication reach, how many issues are printed and distributed monthly, where they are distributed and the target market that they are distributed to, to help you decide which publication is best suited your event advertising needs.

If you are not great at writing content (and it’s okay if you aren’t), get someone to help you. A flair for the English language and a spell check (oh heavens, this is important – you don’t want to look like you haven’t a clue when it comes to promoting your business!) are worth their weight in gold.

No English Language graduates as friends? Then hire someone to help you get your idea across in the best, most well-constructed sentences possible. Google them – there are many language-trained professionals who work on both contract or client basis, who would be happy to help you to put some content together to help you effectively get your point across.

I always believe in speaking from the heart, and writing how you feel, with the same passion and feeling as if you were speaking to someone face-to-face. I know there are different schools of thought on this – and obviously, different situations do dictate different tones, but I try to speak from my heart as often as possible, and simultaneously get my point across in the most intelligent and straightforward manner possible.

Although social media and online advertising are swiftly taking the place of the more traditional forms of advertising, there are certain events that magazines and newspapers work for, for example business events.

Make sure you match your event to the appropriate form of advertising, to best manage your budget.