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The ADreach Group was established in 1998 and today delivers more targeted opportunities than any other outdoor advertising company in South Africa.

As the third largest outdoor media agency, ADreach manages more than 40,000 outdoor advertising (specifically Street Pole Ads) sites across the country.


Street Pole Ads

Street Pole Ads deliver repetitive in your face exposure on high traffic volume routes nationally. Double-sided display panels also allow for specific directional messaging to highly defined commuting and pedestrian audiences.


Supalites give you the most powerful outdoor impact on the market by offering large advertising signs at close proximity to the road traffic. This, combined with the repetitive advantage of 3 signs in a row, delivers the most commanding outdoor campaigns ever seen in Johannesburg. Supalites are illuminated 9m² signs displayed on consecutive poles on central road islands, making them impossible to avoid. These 3.6m high x 2.5m wide double-sided portrait signs are backlit and erected 3m above the ground. There are 39 prime Supalite Sites (each comprising 3 signs in a row) in the City of Joburg, incorporating attractive landscaping for the highest impact brand exposure 24 hours a day.

Event Ads (temporary events)

Event Ads form an integral part of the media mix for any successful event campaign. Sites on major routes secure maximum exposure 7-14 days prior to events and functions. Compliancy with council bylaws is guaranteed and a customised booking system allows for complete control over all poster placements.



Contact: Chad Cohen

Phone: 0861 222 123