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Dan Rosenthal Studio is an established commercial professional photography studio with a wide base of clients. Dan has recently shot the winter 2016 campaigns for South African brands Cutty and Jonathan D. These campaigns have been run across above- and below-the-line media including billboards on major highways and large format print displays. He has shot for numerous local magazines including Joburg Style, Real and Destiny. Dan specialises in portrait, product and location imagery. He also works in video, having shot work ranging from music videos to interview footage for brands.

Dan has worked as an artist since 2005. His work focuses on examining notions of identity, man's surroundings and the influence these two ideas have on one another. These areas of investigation are influenced by his background in literature and philosophy. He has worked on a variety of long-term projects that examine the city as a factor in social and personal issues. His work on cityscapes and identity, started in 2005, includes drawings, lino prints, oil on canvas, digital art and photography and encompasses series such as little house BIG HOUSE, The Vacant Heart, Utopia, and a range of photography of Johannesburg’s city streets with particular focus on Norwood and Louis Botha Ave, areas in which Dan lives and spends a lot of time researching and documenting. He also writes extensively on the city and issues of identity, in both prose and poetry.


Portraits, environmental portraits, decor + interior photography, architectural photography, flowers & watches, food photography, product photography, south african landscapes, lino prints, moleskin drawings


Phone: 078 015 5149

Email: danbrettrosenthal@gmail.com

Website: danrosenthal.net

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