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Celynn Erasmus is a registered dietitian who is passionate about helping busy people enhance their performance by managing fatigue and boosting energy levels. Celynn is a regular media columnist, founder and developer of the WELLCULATOR™ and has published a bestselling book with Tafelberg entitled Fast Food For Sustained Energy.

Celynn Erasmus and Joni Peddie, aka “The FAB Duo” combine their powerful insight in their co-authored book, The FAB Quotient™, to present “How to boost your FAB Q™?” either together or separately. The aim is to build awareness in a manner which reflects ‘simplicity at the far side of behavioural science complexity’, keeping audiences enthralled, engaged and most importantly … ready to take action! Joni Peddie fulfils her life purpose as a human behaviourist working with individuals and corporate teams as a coach and a straight-talking facilitator. In a world of dynamic complexity, there is a desperate need for self-awareness, agility, and a greater understanding of “what makes others tick”… and most importantly, interpersonal skills-all of which Joni embodies and teaches others.

She is co-founder with Celynn Erasmus of the FAB Quotient™. Together or independently they present “How to boost your FAB Q™?”,  a unique Quotient (aligned with IQ and EQ) providing a flexible and pragmatic approach to help people fight fatigue and stay resilient so that they flourish, thrive and live purposefully.


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