Gallagher Convention Centre offers an internship programme to support young professionals by providing six months of experiential learning towards receiving their respective national qualifications.

The programme exposes the students to the working environment and challenges them to look beyond the classroom to practically apply their knowledge.

The students are exposed to event protocols, client relations, health & safety as well as the planning and executing of events.

The internship offers aspiring professionals exposure to a broad spectrum of industry roles.

Departments that students are exposed to:

  • Wine Garden Restaurant
  • Finance Department
  • Sales Department
  • Co-ordination Department
  • Exhibition Department
  • Health & Safety Department
  • Guests Relations and Reception Services
  • Operations / Banqueting Department


The programme is aimed at 3rd-year students who need experiential training to obtain their national qualifications. Gallagher Convention Centre also works with selected institutions to place interns.

This programme is a mentorship programme that offers successful candidates financial support by means of a monthly stipend.